A great list of 15+ best MailChimp alternative email marketing services. This complete list of MailChimp alternative tools would allow you to do an email marketing campaign and marketing automation.

Looking for a quick way to give your email marketing more punch?

Here are my favorite Market Research & SEO tools:

Great Value For Money

Mangools is one of my go-to tools to easily identify keyword opportunities to target. With the additional benefit of having all the metrics in one place to easily filter the best ones, it really facilitates the market research process. It’s also very easy and intuitive to use so I don’t have any issues with getting started quickly. And if you are on a budget, they offer an affordable monthly plan that will fit your needs.

Visit Website at Mangools.com
Most Popular

Semrush is the best SEO tool on the market. It’s packed with features that make it easy to find data and insights about your site, competitors, and industry. You can use it to monitor your backlinks, track rankings across multiple keywords, see who’s linking to you (and who isn’t), spy on competitor sites…the list goes on.

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More of my favorite Marketing Tools:

Best Value

Jarvis is a tool that allows you to generate any content 10x times faster! I was able to create a blog post in a matter of 15 minutes or less. Their AI assistant can write the content for you or even suggest topics in the niche you're in and research the market for new insights, data and content. They have a 5 day trial for free

Visit Website at Jarvis.ai
Very Popular

TubeBuddy makes your YouTube marketing easy. It's a browser extension that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. With just a few quick clicks, it helped me grow my channel from 0 subscribers to 1000s of subscribers using keyword research, advanced analytics and much more.

Visit Website at Semrush.com

Maybe a bit more personalization– that little “extra” that makes your readers pay more attention and feel special?

Well, good news:

Here’s a list of the best MailChimp alternative services to help you create more personalized and engaging email campaigns — everything you need to hit the ground running.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts and tools you recommend in the comment section below.

So lets start..

Table Of Content:

Best MailChimp Alternative Email Marketing Services:

  1. Active Campaign
  2. MailGet
  3. AWeber
  4. Constant Contact
  5. ConvertKit
  6. GetResponse
  7. BenchmarkEmail
  8. SendinBlue
  9. Campaigner
  10. Mailjet
  11. MooSend
  12. dotMailer
  13. ActiveTrail
  14. Elastic Email
  15. SendBlaster

#1 ActiveCampaign

activecampaign review
Image Source: getapp.com

ActiveCampaign is an integrated marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) suite with a foundation in email marketing. Targeted towards small-to-midsize businesses, the software is designed to help organisations build their contact lists, create professional emails, manage campaigns, track customer behaviour and measure their marketing campaign performance.

ActiveCampaign’s email marketing and marketing automation applications include drag-and-drop email design, lead capture forms, social integration and tracking, lead segmentation, website tracking and email campaign reporting. While ActiveCampaign integrates with several leading third-party CRM solutions, it also offers its own sales force automation (SFA) features, including contact management, drag-and-drop deal tracking, pipeline management and lead scoring.

They offer a free customer service, including live chat and phone support, a self-help knowledge base and complementary data migration from other programs. They also offer one-on-one consulting, expedited support and free custom design services for enterprise customers.

  • It’s very easy. The learning curve is short. It’s also simple to use as far as uploading and sorting lists.
  • The price point to the functionalities is GREAT! Meaning, if I’m getting started with my business, and I have my budget limited, this is the BEST tool to get started.
  • The home page is customisable which lets you have the data you need right at your fingertips.
  • The reporting on campaigns is actually really nice and shows you exactly what you need to see.
  • Writing emails is distraction free and lets you do the basic task of writing an email. It doesn’t give you a lot of unneeded and unnecessary options.
  • It’s list centric vs. subscriber centric. ConvertKit is a competitor that uses a subscriber centric model and I think it works much better. The entire point of building an email list is to build relationships with folks, and when you have a list centric email list this function gets more difficult as the same person could be on multiple lists
  • The inability to easily see where subscribers are coming from. It takes some digging to find a screen that clearly displays how you are getting subscribers. I feel that this is an oversight as the very first thing I want to see is how I am getting new subscribers. I like to know whats working or not!

Price: Starts from $17.00/mo

#2 MailGet

Top 15 MailChimp Alternatives For 2021 | Email Marketing Top Reviews 2
Image Source: redq.io

A perfect email marketing solution that is affordable and requires no hosting and complicated setup. Just send emails via Amazon SES and other SMTPs. 

Inbuilt responsive email template builder lets you create stunning emails. The service provides free email templates covering various niches. SMTP routing allows sending bulk emails through various SMTPs to get high deliverability. Grow your subscriber’s list by embedding signup form. MailGet also comes with inbuilt list management and list cleaning system.

  • Have all our forms in one location. This makes is much easier to follow up and track requests. Also for record keeping, I can now just log in and see the history of each form. 
  • It has Drip & scheduling feature. Easy drag & drop feature . Also, Email templates to make my work a lot easier. It is very convenient & easy to use. 
  • There are several amazing features that this software has like drip emails, auto follow-up, easy to use builder tool and the best thing is this all is available at very low cost.
  • While they have a conditional logic, I wish this was better designed. To make a conditional form, it’s a lot of clicking and scrolling. If one element can be turned on by 2 different options, I will have to have 2 of two same elements. So, while the conditional logic is in place. It just needs to be developed more. 

Price: Starts from $5.00/mo

#3 AWeber

AWeber Review
Image Source: thebestaffiliatemarketingprograms.com

AWeber provides email marketing software for small businesses. This solution helps automate email followups and delivery of newsletters.

AWeber offers auto-responders that enable businesses to deliver targeted, personalised and timely messages to customers. It allows users to integrate their email marketing accounts with various online services, thus improving information sharing among different corporate functions.

Plus, it lets users insert email subscription forms on their blogs, websites and Facebook pages. Users’ AWeber accounts can also be integrated with most of shopping cart tools, so that new customers can be added to email lists once they complete a purchase on user website.

Users can also make use of AWeber API, a programming interface, to build their own customised applications and tools to meet their specific requirements.

  • This software has more integrations available compared to other softwares
  • Aweber is easy to use, cost effective and great if you’re just starting out.
  • Aweber’s email editor is the easiest to use. It’s simple and easy, as it should be
  • I like the high level of deliver-ability from Awebers’ server emails deliver to inbox almost all the time, so long you check for spam trigger words.
  • Lacks features such as advanced marketing automation. They introduced some marketing automation but it is still not sufficient or satisfying when compared to the features offered by competitors.
  • Pricing is a bit higher than other services

Price: Free trail. Starts from $19.00/mo

#4 Constant Contact

Top 15 MailChimp Alternatives For 2021 | Email Marketing Top Reviews 3

Constant Contact provides a range of intuitive marketing applications designed to help small businesses and nonprofits expand their customer bases and nurture relationships. Solutions include email marketing, event marketing, social campaigns and reporting, survey management and offer management—all of which are available either independently or as part of an integrated suite called the Constant Contact Toolkit.

Constant Contact’s email marketing application allows businesses to import customer data from spreadsheets or email clients, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Email sign-up forms can be personalised and embedded on web pages or on Facebook to capture new contacts and build email lists. The system offers hundreds of customisable email templates with drag-and-drop elements and also includes real-time reporting features to track email opens, clicks, forwards, social shares and more.

Constant Contact offers both online and in-person seminars and training to help users improve their marketing efforts.

  • The easy organisation of target email lists and the ability to edit an older email to send again
  • A full suite of tools, easy to use, and reasonably priced.
  • It gives the ability to organize contacts.
  •  Ability to integrate with Facebook.
  • A lot of great templates.
  • New Email templates are not added

Price: Starts from $20.00/mo

#5 Convertkit

ConvertKit Review
Image Source: convertkit.com

Designer Nathan Berry gave up his successful blogging career to create ConvertKit, which he launched in 2013. Since then it’s grown to support a team of over 30 employees spread across 22 different cities.

It’s enjoyed rapid growth over recent years and for a good reason – it’s completely engineered for bloggers. Plus, it’s currently being used by some of the biggest blogs out there like Zen Habits, Smart Passive Income, and Impossible HQ.

The goal of this tool is to help optimize your blog for conversions and allow you to easily manage your subscribers and create autoresponders to help deepen your reader relationships.

  • ConvertKits interface is clearly designed with all the features that make blogging easier and more automated.
  • Subscriber chart that can easily show you the various sources that are driving the growth of your list by form or by landing page
  • ConvertKit offers fairly basic if/then automations that can be triggered when your contacts perform specific activities. It still is not as comprehensive (or pretty) as the more advanced email platforms like ActiveCampaign or Drip but will get the job done for most beginner bloggers who are coming from Aweber or MailChimp.
  • ConvertKit caters to authors and digital product sellers by integrating with software such as Book-launch, Gumroad and various membership site plug-ins.
  • ConvertKit deeply integrates with Zapier which allows you to sync data between hundreds of different softwares.
  • ConvertKit doesn’t offer a free plan like Aweber or MailChimp, so expect to hash out $30 bucks a month for their basic plan for your first 1,000 contacts.
  • ConvertKit lacks the Customer Relationship Management features that more advance email marketing platforms have such as ActiveCampaign and Drip.
  • Unfortunately Convertkit does not have any built in webhook capabilities for HTTP Posts.
  • ConvertKit doesn’t allow you to track purchases, subscriber behavior on your website or goals tracking. If you need this functionality I recommend ActiveCampaign.

Price: Starts from $29.00/mo

#6 GetResponse

Top 15 MailChimp Alternatives For 2021 | Email Marketing Top Reviews 4

GetResponse is a list-based email service provider. This means every contact you add gets stored in a specific list. You can create as many lists as you want but you typically end up creating one list per website.

With GetResponse you can send Newsletters (ie. broadcasts) which are one-off emails. Or you can create Autoresponders which are emails that go out on a specific day after a lead has joined your list. This is what you would use to create your own email series.

GetResponse also includes some pretty cool marketing automation features. This allows you to create truly targeted email marketing campaigns that can really increase your conversions. It comes with a nice visual automation editor where you can connect different blocks to create any automation you want.

GetResponse also has some unique features not found in competitor products at its price point. You can create landing pages, design simple surveys and even conduct webinars through the platform. It even includes a CRM (in it’s more expensive plans) to help you better manage your leads and convert them into sales.

  • Great concept, lots of templates and stock images
  • The drag & drop CRM feature that connects with automation
  • Customer support knowledge could do with improving.
  • There was no personal connection when I had an issue. I was sent several automated responses indicating an actual person never read the information I provided.
  • Autoresponders not working properly, Stats not working properly, Unable to remove unopens accurately, Servers slow, and above all the customer support is now totally useless
  • I do not like that GetResponse has such high prices, but on the other hand, I do not have any other complaints about this platform, since at a certain point, it has fulfilled most expectations.

Price: Starts from $15.00/mo

#7 BenchmarkEmail

BenchmarkEmail review
Image Source: emailtooltester.com

In an evening in 2004, three people sat around a single desk in a small medical office — an office which served as the group’s conference room, lunch room, and idea hub. Backed by a small programming team in India, the trio (consisting of Benchmark Internet Group founder Curt Keller, his wife Denise, and an SEO expert) discussed ideas for how to implement a deceptively straightforward concept: simple email marketing. Many of their ideas were beyond the means of the fledgling company, but that didn’t stop Keller from planning ahead.

The first customers of Benchmark Email were small businesses located in close proximity to Benchmark’s one-room HQ in Long Beach, CA. Keller and his team personally sold them on the use of email marketing, while working hard to create a simple user interface that would be easy to operate. All the while, the company championed such novel ideas as customizable templates and software which adapted to user needs. They also made sure from the outset that anyone who needed help would have quick access to excellent customer support.

Benchmark has continued to grow and prosper. Its current focus: providing global email marketing software to small and medium-sized businesses while continuing to honor a commitment to help children in need. This does not mean that Benchmark is a little-guys-only service, however; it has stuck to its core principle of adaptability and serves large organizations such as UNICEF and Kaiser-Permanente through its High Volume Enterprise plans.

Today, Benchmark serves upwards of 73,000 users from across the globe, but the company hasn’t forgotten its roots. Benchmark still maintains good relationships with small, locally-based businesses.

  • Easy to use.
  • Editor, Design, Customer Service, User-Friendly
  • Non-profit discounts, several email design templates and options
  • Limited feature set. Not standard at this point.
  • The support received from the company over a simple error with an email “opens” report.
  • Currently, the only con I can think of would be the user interface design which could be improved.

Price: Free. Pro Starts from $13.00/mo

#8 SendinBlue

SendinBlue review
Image Source: emailtooltester.com
SendinBlue not only offers email marketing software, but also Short Message Service (SMS) campaigns and what it calls “transactional” emails, which includes things such as password resets, order confirmations, and account creations. Like Editors’ Choice winner MailChimp, it also offers a feature-limited free plan. However, SendinBlue can be difficult to use at times. It’s also not compatible with third-party software, which limits the ways in which you can upload contacts. In addition, its templates pale in comparison to those offered by Campaigner, our other Editors’ Choice pick in our email marketing software review roundup.
  • Several transactional and autoresponder email options. Offers SMS campaigns.
  • A feature-limited free plan is available.
  • Basic templates could be more attractive.
  • Account setup is tedious.

Price: Free. Pro starts from $25.00/mo

#9 Campaigner

Campaigner review
Image Source: affiliatebay.net

Campaigner offers businesses many excellent features, including customer relationship management(CRM) and Salesforce.com contact uploads. You’ll also enjoy email workflows and 24/7 live chat with support. Campaigner also gives you robust reporting capabilities (which include which email platform your contacts are using). You’ll be able to create email autoresponders that will send emails to your contacts based on when they click a newsletter link and other behaviors, or for special promotions and events. However, if you don’t need such advanced capabilities, then be sure to check out MailChimp, our Editors’ Choice for basic email marketing software.

  • Customer support is easy to reach. Its user interface is intuitive and simple to use.
  • Offers many beautiful templates and integrations.
  • Thorough online resource center.
  • Its free trial requires a credit card.

Price: Free trial. Start from $19.25/mo

#10 MailJet

Top 15 MailChimp Alternatives For 2021 | Email Marketing Top Reviews 5Mailjet is an all-in-one solution to send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails. Its cloud-based infrastructure is unique and highly scalable with a proprietary technology that optimizes email deliverability. Mailjet can be accessed either via an easy-to-use online drag-and-drop interface or via APIs that allow developers to integrate its features within their online app or service, or its sophisticated SMTP relay.

  • Mailjet is very easy to setup as long as you have access to your domain DNS settings
  • Using Mailjet to send out server and website notifications is fast and awesome.
  • Cheap, compared to other email marketing tools
  • Customer support was not that bad
  • Server breaks down often and the entire platform is unreachable (therefore, you can not send your newsletters in due time)
  • Poor templates, compared to other email marketing tools (no html editing available, only import)
  • Many small, frustrating errors (faulty reports, empty reports exactly when you need them, the test email not being sent, changes in templates not saved and you have no clue why)
  • Quite poor segmentation options for the contact lists

Price: Free. Pro starts from $8.67/mo

#11 Moosend

Moosend review
Image Source: moosend.com

With Moosend you can easily manage multiple email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as design and send striking, responsive newsletters created on the built-in campaign editor. Upgrade your email marketing campaigns with intelligent email automation and personalization tags. Get meaningful campaign reports and watch your statistics feed in real-time.

  • The new email editor is fantastic.
  • The speed and the quality of the service are great.
  • The support team is always responding very fast and always have a way to solve problems & questions.
  • Can handle a large number of mails.
  • Easy to use A/B testing with multiple A/B options.
  • Detailed reporting, very easy to read and have an understanding even with 1 view.
  • I’d like to be able to create a subscription form with a shareable link I can use to get people to join a list without having to embed it somewhere

Price:  Free. Pro starts from $10.00/mo

#12 dotMailer

dotMailer review
Image Source: g2crowd.com

Dotmailer is a straightforward email marketing automation platform designed to meet the needs and requirements of top email marketing professionals. With its unbelievably well disposed UI, dotmailer gives clients a chance to design messages, mechanize the promoting procedures, test and send messages in only minutes.

Quick and simple are only a portion of the manners in which one would portray dotmailer, which is a marvel with regards to the email showcasing market. Marching a simplified format, customers of dotmailer confirm the effortlessness of the framework that makes their individual groups quick and gainful as far email showcasing activities go.

Beside its eminent simplified system, dotmailer is likewise stacked with functionalities that make it a dynamic and far reaching email promoting bundle. Dotmailer has you secured, regardless of whether you need to deal with information, devise and execute successful crusades, or oversee promoting tasks. It likewise gloats of reconciliations with the best business administrations, guaranteeing that you adaptability and efficiency at the best dimension.

  • Email builder is fairly easy to use for non-graphic designers.
  • I like the automation features. Support is readily available. Well priced.
  • I can design and personalize my emails without the support of a creative department.
  • Some limitations on quantity of campaigns, and some of the custom complexities are a bit cumbersome to learn.
  • Once in a while I have some integration issues or glitches but support has been very responsive. Most of the common feature set works flawlessly.

Price:  Starts from $300.00/mo

#13 ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail review
Image Source: alternativeto.net

“All in one” email marketing software. Offer advanced and mobile responsive email marketing, newsletter templates, sms sender, landings page builder, survey tool, optimization tools, marketing automation features, signup form creator, and sales booster for e-commerce.

  • Easy to use and get accustomed to; there are different types of emails to choose from.
  • Wide variety of available templates.
  • Customization option through the HTML editor; added benefit of SMS and landing page creation.
  • Emails can be viewed on different platforms (desktop/mobile)
  • Automation feature is a bit tricky for someone who is new to using an email marketing program/service.
  • Could be better if the options and functions under have an easy to understand description or explanation.

Price:  Starts from $7.00/mo

#14 Elastic Email

15+ Best Email Marketing Services In 2019 – Top ReviewsElastic Email is an all-in-one email delivery platform. We offer an SMTP Relay, robust HTTP API, and a User Interface that has a complete suite of tools and features for managing contacts, templates, campaigns, and reports. We specialize in delivering transactional and marketing email.

  • The product is very cost effective and provides most of the functions provided by costly alternatives. Setting up and running campaigns are quite easy with very simple UI & initial setup.
  • All my e-mails used for testing go to the spam inbox

Price:  Starts from $9.00/mo

#15 SendBlaster

sendblaster review
Image Source: softpedia.com

SendBlaster is the best bulk email software to manage your mailing lists and set up email marketing campaigns in few easy steps. SendBlaster combines into one product the practicality of a mass email software with the flexibility of a bulk email web service. On the one hand you create newsletters and manage lists directly on your desktop: on the other you get a cloud email tracking service to handle reporting and improve your email campaigns.

  • Ideal for sending bulk email marketing campaigns with great customization options.
  • Super useful in organizing email campaigns.
  • Tracking is old in this platform, so the information you can check is very poor.
  • Difficult to install the app

Price:  Buy for $129.00

In Conclusion

In this article we’ve listed our 15+ best email marketing software available online. Try them out and see what work for you best.

Feel free to comment down below and suggest us other tools you’ve used or your thoughts about any of the tools mentioned.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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14 Replies to “Top 15 MailChimp Alternatives For 2021 | Email Marketing Top Reviews”

  1. Well, there are a lot of great email marketing service, but if for the free one, I would really recommend Enginemailer. Not only it’s doesn’t require a credit card for creating an account, but it also gives you an unlimited amount of subscribers you can have.

  2. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found
    something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the feature comparison. I’ve been a MailChimp user for years and the redesign is taking some getting used to, and I’ve thought about switching providers since my affiliate marketing list has grown to the point where I have to start paying (I guess that’s a good problem to have…). I’ve heard good things about ConvertKit and will check it out. Love the site, thank you very much.

    – Donna

  4. Hi, I read through your post. So my question is this: What’s the best way to learn how to be successful as a business owner? There’s so much to learn and I’m getting conflicting information when I research. Much appreciated. 😀

  5. Nice list you have here! I consider myself quite seasoned in email service provider field, yet you have managed to surprise me with few new services. Good job!! Will take a moment to introduce myself with the services like MailGet and dotMailer – I’m always looking out for something new to try out and improve my experience with emails.
    Currently my favorite that I must add to the list – Mailerlite. It might not be the widest known one, but I sincerely think it’s one of the best price-feature ratio in the market. It might not fit everyone, but for the technical point of view it has quite a lot of pros. It’s my personal view and I don’t claim for it to win over all other ESPs, but it’s damn good for the price available.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your suggestions! It’s always nice to hear about new tools available! We will definitely take a look at it to try some of its features.

  6. Read your blog and it is simply marvelous and conveys useful tips for beginners of digital marketing, an explanation of the importance of content is highly useful.

    1. Hi Pritam,

      When I started at digital marketing, I felt like it was very hard to know the difference between the tools. But now after a lot of experience and research I’ve managed to write all of my insights into one blog. Thanks for compliments!

  7. Since a long time, I was looking out to make email campaigns more personalized and engaging for my customers. My sister recommended me to give a punch with EasySendy and Sparkpost for better lead generation. This integration has helped me to hit the ground with multiple benefits.

  8. Thanks for posting! I was considering a few of these options. I’ll go with GetResponse. Looks like a nice solution, especially when you’re new to these stuff.

    1. Hi Maryam,

      GetResponse was one of our first service providers. It really depends on your business needs. Thank you so much for stating your opinion!

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