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    • Find high converting keywords for your marketing strategy
    • Audit your website & track your SEO progress
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    Super easy to use SEO suite. Fast, simple & highly accurate. Chrome & Mozilla extensions. 24/7 live chat support. Outstanding!

    • Easy keyword research, competitor research, SERP analysis & more!
    • Try it for FREE for 10 days
    • Unlimited amount of rank tracking data & backlink analysis
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Powerful insight reports to get ahead of your competition
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow

    Over 2,788 people have picked Mangools today

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    The Ultimate SEO Toolkit. Super fast, reliable & easy to use. Web and mobile apps. 24/7 live chat support. Outstanding!

    • Get keyword research, technical audit, competitor research & more!
    • Try it for free for 7 days
    • Unlimited amount of keywords data & website analysis
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Connect 30+ integrations & apps to your current workflow

    Over 3,856 people have picked SEMRush today

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    All-in-one SEO package. Effective, easy to use & comprehensive. Web and mobile apps. 24/7 email & phone support.

    • Great website audit tool, backlink checker, keyword research & competitor analysis tools!
    • Try it for free for 14 days
    • 6,000+ backlink monitoring & website auditing for 40,000+ pages
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Flexible SEO reporting and social media analytics
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow
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    All-in-one SEO platform. Easy to use & comprehensive. Chrome, Mozilla & Opera extensions. 24/7 live chat support.

    • Takes care of technical audits, keyword research, competitive research, and so much more!
    • Try it for free for 7 days
    • 4,000+ keyword searches per day & 500,000+ exported rows per month
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Extensive PPC analysis features
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow
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    Surprisingly great SEO tool. Cost effective & easy to use. Available on web & mobile. 24/7 live chat & email support.

    • Takes care of technical audits, keyword research, competitive research, and so much more!
    • Try it for free for 7 days
    • Unlimited access to all their data
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Extensive PPC competitor research features
    • Connect their 7 custom APIs to your current workflow
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    Consistently good SEO tool. Available on web & mobile. Has live chat & email support

    • Takes care of keyword research, competitive research, rank tracking & more.
    • Try it for free for 30 days
    • Unlimited access to all their data
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow
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    Handy SEO tool. Available on web & mobile. Has live chat & email support.

    • Takes care of keyword research, competitive research & more.
    • Try it for free for 7 days
    • Unlimited access to all their data
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow
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    Accurate SEO tool. Available on web & mobile. Has live chat & email support.

    • Takes care of keyword research, competitive research & more.
    • Try it for free for 30 days
    • Unlimited access to all their data
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow
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    A complete SEO platform. Available on web & mobile. Has live chat & email support.

    • Takes care of keyword research, competitive research & more.
    • Try it for free for 30 days
    • Unlimited access to all their data
    • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
    • Connect their custom API to your current workflow
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    A curated list of the top 10 Tools For Conducting Market Research. This collection of market research tools will help you conduct a proper market research, competitive analysis, content research & automation.

    Do you need to know what your target market wants before launching a new product?

    What about knowing the best marketing channels for reaching potential customers?

    Have you ever wondered if it would be worth investing in online ads or attending trade shows?

    These are all important questions that should be answered before starting a business.

    Read on to find out how you can get this information with some of the most popular market research tools available.

    Businesses spend millions of dollars each year trying to figure out whether their products and services will succeed.

    They want to know what customers want, when they buy, where they buy, and why they buy.

    And once those valuable pieces have been collected from customer surveys and other sources, businesses need to

    Here are a few advantages of Market Research tools:

    -Helps to identify the best product or service for your customers.

    -Builds a better relationship with customers by improving customer service.

    -Find potential new markets, products, services or advertising opportunities that will lead to increased profits.

    In a world where businesses need to figure out their place in the ever-changing landscape of commerce, they must arm themselves with as many tools and data sets that will help them understand what is going on.

    Marketing research can provide this blueprint for both understanding potential customer preferences and trying new things before risking time or money.


    Mangools Review

    Mangools is the perfect tool for marketers and digital practitioners because it’s affordable, user-friendly, intuitive SEO software that packs a punch when you need to research potential keywords or improve your search engine optimization.

    Mangools includes the following:

    KWFinder (Keyword research tool) – Access to over 80 million keywords for search engines, social media networks, blogs, websites, etc.

    SERP Checker (SERP Analysis) – Gives you rankings, impressions, backlinks, and more.

    SERP Watcher (Rank Tracking) – Track your keywords in hundreds of search engines worldwide so that you can understand how they are performing over time.

    Link Miner (Backlink Analysis) – Show you where your links come from, what anchor text is used for these backlinks, and who the linking site owners are.

    Site Profiler (SEO Insights) – Shows you how your website is performing and what needs to be done to improve the rankings.


    • It has an excellent user interface that is quite simple to use. It delivers a great user experience.
    • It prides itself in having a customer care team of enthusiastic SEO practitioners. This means that experts will sort all your SEO issues.
    • Mangools is affordable compared to other top-tier SEO tools, which endear it to users.
    • It’s an overall excellent SEO tool.


    • It has no organic link report, which may affect your site SEO audit efforts.
    • It only supports a maximum of 10 simultaneous logins, which may be a hindrance in big organizations.

    Mangools pricing
    Basic – from $29.90/month
    Premium – from $39.90/month
    Agency – from $79.90/month

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    SEMrush Review

    SEMrush is a popular SEO tool utilized by over 7 million customers globally. With fantastic features that help rank your site, optimize online content and track SEO campaigns it’s no wonder why SEMrush has been the go-to for marketers all around the world since 2009!

    Key Features:

    Keyword Research Tool: Use this tool to find keywords for SEO. It’s a very in-depth and powerful report, so be sure to take your time scrolling through when looking at it!

    Site Audit Tools: This is an easy way to find out if you’re doing things right. You can find broken links, duplicate content, and more!

    PPC Campaigns: This is a great tool for getting better results with your advertising campaigns on Google AdWords or Bing Ads. It’s easy to set up and learn how it works in minutes.

    SEMRush Web Analytics: This tool is a good one for finding out where you are currently ranking in SERPs, and it’s easy to set up.

    Rank Tracking Tools: You can use this to monitor your position on Google as well as Bing, Yahoo! And

    Social Media Analysis Tool: This is one of the best tools if you want social media data on your competitors or yourself. It helps show what posts are getting the most engagement on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

    People Analytics: This is a great tool for finding out more about your social media followers or those of competitors. It’s easy to set up and you can get some interesting data from it!

    Competitive Intelligence Toolset: This is one of the best tools that SEMRush has because it combines all the features you need to do SEO analysis. It’s easy to get a detailed overview of your competitive landscape and analyze their performance in SERPs.

    SEMRush Pros:

    – Lifetime access to the entire SEMRush product suite

    – Unlimited data for one low price

    -The in-depth reports help improve your website’s performance.

    -The Keyword Tool is an excellent, free tool that helps you find long-tail keywords with low competition in less than 30 seconds.

    -SEMRush is constantly updated with the latest data from Google, Bing, Facebook, and other sources of advertising information so it’s always current.

    SEMRush Cons:

    – The interface can be hard to navigate and get used to.

    – It’s a bit more difficult for beginners who are just starting out.

    – Costs a monthly fee if you’re not committed to lifetime membership.

    SEMRush Pricing

    Pro Plan – from $119.95/month
    Guru Plan – from $229.95/month
    Business Plan – from $449.95/month

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    SE Ranking Review

    SE Ranking is an affordable, multipurpose SEO tool trusted and used by over 500000+ users globally. SE Ranking has been a top choice for 1000s of businesses worldwide because they can offer everyone from beginners to experts with helpful tips on how to rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). There’s also access available 24/7 so you can always receive help when it matters most.

    SE Rank offers both beginner-friendly and more advanced features that allow business owners or entrepreneurs alike to take advantage of their low prices without being stuck between two different subscriptions packages like other companies often do – this is why there are now well over half a million people who use SE Ranking!


    • It has a good variety of tools for all SEO needs.
    • Page and website audit tools give step-by-step marketing plans, perfect for beginners.
    • Weekly email reports of ranking data allow users to be on top of their SEO game always.


    • It offers simple services. Some of its paid features are free on other apps.
    • The user interface is hard to use and is not beginner-friendly.
    • The keyword database is not big enough and lacks a PPC research tool for countries.

    Essential Plan –  from $31 /month
    Pro plan – from $71 /month
    Business Plan – from $151 /month

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    Serpstat Review

    Serpstat is a platform that can be used by marketers, SEO professionals, Ad agencies, and content creators. Serpstat automates all of the processes involved in search engine optimization to make it easier for users to grow their business online without having any previous knowledge or experience with SEO whatsoever.

    Serpstat has an incredible keyword database with over two hundred million keywords, and its database is updated on a daily basis. This search engine optimization tool also has a backlink analyzer that displays the number of links to each page from external sites as well as an estimate of how many visitors you will receive from these pages.


    • Rank Tracking – following the changes in positions of your website on SERPs.
    • Keyword Tracking – finding out what keywords are most effective for SEO and displaying them with their respective rankings
    • Spam Checking – analyzing a site to see if it is blacklisted by search engines or social networks
    • Backlink Analysis – tracking all links coming from external sites, including information about the number of links and the estimated number of visitors
    • Ranking Report – displaying all keywords for which you manage positions on SERPs
    • Quality Score Analysis – analyzing a site to see if it is spamming or providing good quality content.
    • Site Audit – checking every point that needs fixing with your website, including broken images, duplicate pages, or 404 pages
    • Social Media Analysis – analyzing all social media sites to find the best ones for your company
    • Competitor Research – finding your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths.
    • Reports and infographics – generate more content for your site, including reports and infographics.
    • Advertising analysis – advertising analysis is a very important part of SEO, and it can be done automatically.
    • Marketing intelligence – benchmarking your marketing data, including costs and revenue.
    • Content marketing ideation – content marketing ideation is a mix of brainstorming and research to create content.


    • It has an excellent user interface that is beginner-friendly. The home page is clear, and maneuvering around it is easy.
    • It contains an extensive suite of tools that allow users to carry out deep analysis without switching to other devices.
    • Easy to export data in a variety of formats such as CSV, PDF, and Excel sheets.
    • The website auditing tool is quick and gives a quick snapshot of a domain’s SEO health.
    • It offers excellent value for money and is quite affordable.


    • Data for small volume keywords are usually inaccurate.
    • Site audit on sites with lots of pages is slower than with other SEO tools.


    Lite – from $52/month
    Standard – from $112/month
    Advanced – from $224/month
    Enterprise -from $374/month

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    Spyfu Review

    Spyfu is an interactive search marketing software that enables users to analyze and dissect other websites. Spyfu helps marketers or Ad agencies customize SEO plans for companies by analyzing competitors’ PPCs, organic traffic sources (SERPs), backlinks, keywords, social profiles among others.

    It has a wide variety of tools for digital marketing needs. Spyfu offers powerful marketing insights with the help of its keyword database and in-depth data on competitor websites’ backlinks.

    It’s perfect for people who want insights into what their competition might be doing in the digital world of advertising so they can stay ahead!


    • PPC competitor research – Spyfu scans competitors’ PPCs and provides the top keywords they rank for in paid search.
    • Organic traffic – Spyfu helps marketers/Ad agencies customize SEO plans by analyzing competitor organic traffic, backlinks, SERPs among others.
    • Keyword research– Spyfu’s keyword database offers powerful marketing insights to help digital advertisers stay ahead of the competition.
    • SEO competitor research – Spyfu scans competitors’ SEO activities and provides insights into what they are doing.
    • Domain lead and top lists – Spyfu provides lists of domains and their rankings to help marketers make faster decisions.


    • It has a user-friendly interface that enhances the user experience.
    • Affordable and cost-effective.
    • Excellent user support offering 24-hour customer service.
    • It contains a fantastic suite of features that allow users to customize the best SEO campaigns.
    • It contains data for all companies using PPC or SEO.
    • Offers unlimited search results
    • It is a very easy-to-use tool that can be accessed from any device.


    • The free version offers limited features and does not provide as much data as the paid versions do.
    • Users cannot export or download their results which makes it difficult for reports on competitors’ activities in SEO campaigns.
    • It requires a constant connection with the internet.
    • Lacks web-wide crawling abilities
    • Ad metrics interpretation is not beginner-friendly

    Basic – from $33/month
    Professional – from $58/month
    Team Plan – from $199/month

    Visit Website Review is a great tool for getting into the search engine optimization world and has many features that are focused on helping newbies get started with SEO.

    It has a user-friendly interface with 1000+ variations of your keyword, so you never have to worry about not finding the right word for your project!

    Keysearch is an awesome app that lets users find keywords by seed words and more than 1,000 variations from those seeds too! The features are unmatched in other SEO tools out there on the market because Keysearch offers up all sorts of different options like saving searches or exporting data as CSV files.


    • Conduct In-depth keyword research and keyword difficulty checking – Keysearch offers up 1000+ variations of any keyword.
    • Keyword difficulty checking and ranking tools – Keysearch will give you a detailed report of the difficulty and ranking potential of any keyword.
    • SEO analysis – Keysearch will give you a complete evaluation of any website’s SEO and what needs to be done.
    • Niche ideas analysis – Keysearch will give you keyword ideas for any niche. If you know what keywords to target, Keysearch can do the heavy lifting and find them for you in a matter of seconds with all sorts of variations.
    • YouTube research – Keysearch will find popular YouTube videos for any keyword and give you the stats, such as the number of views.
    • Rank tracking and intelligence – Rank data on several international search engines – KeySearch gives users all sorts of different options like saving searches or exporting data as CSV files.
    • Competitive analysis – Keysearch can also find your competitors’ rank and search volume data for any keyword.
    • API & White label reporting – Keysearch’s API allows users to export data in different formats and share it with other systems.


    • It’s a user-friendly, lightning-fast web-based system. It’s very convenient to use and requires no download and installation.
    • It’s budget-friendly and affordable even to casual users.
    • Easy to export data as CSV file, PDF, or Excel sheet.
    • Users can check multiple keywords simultaneously.
    • Chrome extension of is available, making its use even more effortless.


    • Random errors and discrepancies pop up unexpectedly, especially on keyword research.
    • Slow data updates. Huge discrepancies exist between real-time data and data displayed on It takes a while for the software to update its database.
    • Slightly inaccurate keyword scores.
    • It contains limited credit on the starter pack. Credits allow you to unlock some premium features, and having too little may affect your keyword research. The starter pack offers only 200 credits which may be a hindrance.

    Starter – from $17/month
    Pro – from $34/month

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    Long Tail Pro

    This tool is a must-have for any SEO professional. It helps you find keywords that aren’t as competitive, but still, bring in traffic and help boost rankings.

    Long-tail Pro is an affordable, user-friendly keyword research tool perfect for marketers, SEO consultants, agencies, and affiliate marketers.

    Tailor-made to meet the needs of those who work in digital marketing or have a consultancy that focuses on it; this software allows users to find valuable keywords which will improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rates.


    • Generate long-tail keywords from seed words – The software will generate long-tail keywords from the user’s seed word
    • Analyze and filter results – The software offers an analysis of the generated keyword list, filtering out words that don’t have enough monthly searches to be worth targeting.
    • Work on more than one project simultaneously – The software can analyze up to 500 projects at a time, providing instant results.
    • Analyze your competition – Investigate the keywords that your competitors are ranking for and customize them for your site.
    • Conduct In-depth analysis of available keywords through keyword metrics – The software provides data on all the keywords it generates, including monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition
    • Google Ads spending – The software allows you to set a budget for Google Ads bids and will automatically optimize your campaign based on the available keywords
    • Calculate keyword profitability – The software calculates the potential return on investment (ROI) for each keyword, as well as your maximum ROI


    • Fast and user-friendly, especially for newbies.
    • An excellent tool for multitasking. Input up to 200 seed keywords at once and run keyword search simultaneously.
    • Excellent customer support department.
    • The rank tracker is accurate and easy to use
    • The competitive keyword score is very accurate.


    • It contains no free plan.
    • It only provides exact matches to keywords since it doesn’t leverage Google planner to get additional data.
    • The manual keyword limit is too low for expert users.
    • Seed keyword limit is low for some users.
    • The volume of traffic is low compared to apps that rank even short-tailed keywords.

    Starter plan – from $25/month
    Pro Plan – from $45/month
    Agency Plan  – from $98/month

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    Jaaxy Review

    Jaaxy is a good tool for SEO. It has an intuitive interface and provides accurate information on keyword rankings. The only problem with this platform is that it doesn’t provide any free plan, which can be problematic when you are just starting out your business and don’t have enough money to purchase the full package of services from Jaaxy. Nevertheless, it can be a good investment for the future.

    Also, Jaaxy is a premier SEO tool for affiliate marketers and offers keyword research and competitive analysis with other powerful features. Jaaxy provides you the information to make sure your website ranks at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing searches!


    • Keyword library – Jaaxy boasts of a keyword library with over 500 million new search terms in its database.
    • Competitor analysis – Jaaxy allows you to see how your website compares with others in the competition, and therefore increase or decrease on-page optimization accordingly
    • Keyword tracking – With keyword tracking tools, you can track rankings of keywords that are important to your business online. You can also use it for competitor monitoring if SEO is a competitive industry
    • Conduct domain checks related to your generated keywords – Jaaxy will analyze your domain name and find out whether it has a good reputation or not.
    • Content marketing insights – With this tool, you get insights into how well-optimized different types of content are for different search terms, and you can see which topics within your industry are trending.
    • Keyword management system – Jaaxy allows you to brainstorm, generate and save your keywords quickly and effortlessly.
    • The search history feature allows users to backtrack and check their previous searches – this is great for optimizing your SEO strategy.
    • You will get a rankings history with this tool, which you can use to check how well-optimized the content on your site has been over time and what steps could be taken to improve it.
    • Site rank and audit – this tool is a great way to see how your site’s rank changes over time.
    • Link prospecting – you can use Jaaxy to find related links or of interest to the content on your website and contact people who may be interested in linking back to it with an email introduction.
    • Build domain portfolios – this tool can help you build a portfolio of domains that you might be interested in acquiring as they become available for sale.


    • It contains a user-friendly interface that is beginner-friendly.
    • Lots of tools to do keyword research, keyword management, SERPs ranking, and affiliate programs
    • Tonnes of training materials. Jaaxy has lots of PDFs and videos that educate newbies and pros alike.


    • The keyword difficulty ranking is erroneous and doesn’t correlate with other SEO tools. Jaaxy formula for ranking keywords is vague.
    • The user interface is unresponsive at times.

    Free plan – Free but with limitations
    Pro plan – from $49/month
    Enterprise plan – from $99/month

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    What else do you need to know about these tools?

    This is a list of keyword tools that should be used at the beginning stages of SEO. These are not all-inclusive but will give you an idea of where to start your research and analysis efforts.

    These tools can also help with getting traffic from places like YouTube or Facebook by using their built-in audience targeting features that allow for precise targeting that would otherwise be difficult to do manually.

    Customer Support

    All of these tools have customer support but it varies in terms of what is offered. Before you buy, be sure to review the product so that you know what level and type of service they offer for your needs.

    – SEMrush – Customer Support: 24/7 Phone, Chat, Email.

    -Mangools – Customer Support: 24/7 Phone, Chat

    – SE Ranking – Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat

    – SerpStat – Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat

    – Spyfu – Customer Support: 24/7 Phone, Chat

    – – Customer support: Forum Posting and Moderation.

    -Long Tail Pro – Customer Support: 24/7 Phone, Live Chat

    -Jaaxy – Customer Support: Forum Posting and Moderation

    – Ahrefs – Customer Support: 24/7 Phone, Chat

    What Is Marketing Research?

    Marketing research is the process of understanding and analyzing customer needs, behaviors, the potential growth rate for a certain product or service. From this information, it can be determined how best to target new customers as well as maintain current ones. Marketing research allows marketers to create marketing campaigns that are more effective in reaching their target audience.

    For example, a company may want to create an email campaign with the intent of increasing its conversions in order to boost sales. By using marketing research they can determine who is most likely to be interested and respond and thus tailor the email content accordingly.

    Why do you need to care about Market Research?

    Marketing research is essential to many types of businesses in order to make well-informed decisions.

    It allows companies and marketing managers to know what consumers want, how they react when exposed to certain stimuli or messages (such as advertisements), and who their target audience should be for a given product or service.

    Marketers can use the information gathered from marketing research to pinpoint effective techniques for promoting a product or service.

    For example, marketers will use marketing research to find out what the most effective time is to advertise a certain product or service.

    It also helps marketers identify where their potential customers are, and decide how they will communicate with them (such as emailing rather than posting on social media).

    Marketing researchers can help determine which ads will have an impact on consumers by testing them out.

    Marketing research is used by marketers to identify and understand their target audience so they can create messages that resonate with the consumers’ desires, beliefs, or needs based on demographics, psychographics, product usage habits, etc.

    Marketers need this information in order to find effective ways of promoting a certain product or service.

    Here are some stats about the value of Marketing Research:

    • 72% of marketers believe that the more advanced they become in understanding their target audience, the better able they are to create advertising and marketing messages.
    • In a recent survey, 87% of respondents say that Market research helps them understand what consumers want.
    • 73% of companies with annual revenue above $50 million use Marketing Research as a way to measure customer satisfaction.
    • Marketing Research is an essential part of the marketing process.

    In other words: Marketing researchers use a number of different tools and techniques: focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, and in-depth interviews are all examples of Marketing Research that can be used by marketers to gather information about their target market.

    Experts agree that these tools are more important than ever in the new digital age, as they allow marketers to understand how consumers think and feel when it comes to a company’s products or services.

    How does the market research tools market look like?

    In 2016, the global market size of Market Research Tools was estimated at US$12.89 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate] of 14% during the forecast period 2017-2022

    The tools segment within this industry has been growing steadily over the last few years. The segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.0% during the forecast period 2017-2022.

    Why do you need these tools at your disposal?

    The market research tools are now available in different formats, so marketers can choose the one that suits their needs best.

    This type of technology has been developed to help companies understand how consumers think and feel when it comes to a company’s products or services. This data is then used for developing marketing strategies as well as understanding what might be the best way to reach out and connect with the target market.

    How long does market research take?

    The time required for market research depends on the type of questionnaire that is being developed. The questions are chosen in such a way so they can gauge and understand the customer’s experience, needs, preferences, or wants.

    A typical survey would take about 15 minutes to complete while some surveys may ask you to spend more than an hour answering questions.

    Market research can be conducted in a number of ways:

    – Telephone interviews, where the interviewer talks to people over the phone and records their responses via voice recording or by typing them out on the keyboard. Interviewers are usually trained to ask specific questions that have been predetermined beforehand as well as probe for more information if they feel there is something important that they are missing.

    – Face-to-face interviews, where an interviewer meets with the potential survey respondent and asks them questions in person. The data collected is usually done by paper and pencil or via a computer program such as SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) to store responses electronically.

    How much should I spend on market research?

    Depending on the size of your business, it is recommended to spend between $1000 and $5000. However, if you are a smaller company or just starting out it may be difficult to justify spending that much money before establishing a baseline for what’s important.

    In the beginning, you can use low-cost methods such as surveys and interviews to get a sense of what your customers want. Once you’ve collected enough data, it’s time to invest in more expensive research methods like focus groups or even face-to-face (in person) interviews with potential survey respondents.

    The most important thing is to budget for research and make sure the funds are available before beginning any marketing campaign.

    Is market research difficult?

    Like everything else, to be an expert, you have to have experience. The more research projects you work on, the better your ability to forecast what other types of data will be needed.

    Market research is difficult because it requires a lot of legwork and time spent in front of a computer or with people face-to-face. Market researchers are expected to produce an unbiased set of findings that report both positive and negative attributes of their subject.

    The result is typically a report that includes an analysis of trends and potential problems, as well as statistical data for the subjects being studied. Market research helps business managers make better decisions in their day-to-day operations by providing the information they need to forecast future demand or decide on changes in product design or pricing plans.

    Bottom line: market research is a valuable activity for any organization with an eye toward the future.

    What are the latest market research techniques for 2024?

    • Video-first meetings – according to a recent study, 52% of executives believe video-first meetings are the norm and almost two-thirds (65%) are expected to hold at least some or all of their business meetings using video.
    • Automation and AI adoption – in 2024 , companies are already adopting automation technology to increase customer satisfaction rates.
    • Hyperlocal marketing – hyperlocal marketing uses location data and geofencing to target specific customers on their mobile devices at the right time in order for you to engage them with a relevant message tailored specifically for that moment of need.
    • DIY in-house research – In 2024 , it will be common for companies to use in-house research teams and channels on social media or other platforms.
    • Marketing technologies – Marketing technologists are becoming increasingly important as marketers are being asked to do more with less time and resources.
    • Online qualitative research by SEO – Qualitative research is the next step in understanding your customers depending on what you learned from quantitative data.

    Can market research increase sales?

    Market research has the power to not only help your company grow, but it can also save your company from bankruptcy. Studies show that if done correctly and with care, market research will increase sales by up to 25%.

    Every business wants its customers happy. It is proven in studies that have shown that when businesses listen carefully to what their customer base says about issues they face or thoughts on new features for products – this leads directly to increased revenue without any other changes made.

    This process of communication between both parties benefits each party immensely; giving more quality control over overproduction as well as soliciting feedback from potential consumers before releasing an updated product line.

    How is SEO connected to market research?

    There are many ways that SEO is connected to market research, but one of the most impactful connections between these two fields is in how they work together for page ranking purposes.

    One can use a variety of tools such as Mangools or SEMRush and see if their content ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    That way, you can see what you’d need to improve on in order to get their desired ranking.

    It is clear that SEO and market research are both important for a company’s success, whether it be an online or offline business.

    Another way to figure out who your target customer base might be and how they behave is through keywords in search engines. So when we come across a keyword such as “what can I do with back spasms?”, where it relates directly to our product or service (wellness) then it’s safe to bet this particular demographic may have some urgency around their issue of concern related specifically towards these two components.

    Bottom line: SEO research is an integral part of market research.

    How do I use these tools to do market research?

    Know the basics

    First, understand the basics of market research and SEO. Market research is the process of gathering information about people, their habits, and preferences from a variety of sources in order to determine what products or services they might buy. This data then helps companies create new product lines and target certain demographics for marketing purposes.

    SEO stands for search engine optimization which refers to tools that help improve rankings on Google (or other search engines). SEO is the art and science of understanding your website or blog’s traffic not only by implementing tactics to rank higher in organic (non-paid) search engine results pages, but also to understand what your audience is looking for.

    Set up goals

    Once you know the basics, create a plan to increase organic traffic, measure your success with analytics and track the effectiveness of your hypothesis about your market, audience, and product.

    Set measurable goals to monitor your success.

    Some examples of metrics you can measure that will help indicate a healthy market research strategy are: clicks, conversion rates, and return visitors.

    Monitor for changes in the SERPs (search engine result pages) by tracking positions on page one versus two or three as well as traffic spikes after specific events like Google algorithm updates.

    Finally, be sure to document your research strategy plan and follow up on changes that may occur as a result of the search engine algorithms updating or other unforeseen events.

    Study what others have done

    Conduct competitive research in order to stay ahead of the game by following what competitors are doing when developing a strategic plan or even just looking at how others have done things as well. This is important because while we may think our idea is unique, there’s always someone else who has had similar thoughts–and probably already implemented them! Stay one step ahead of everyone else through this simple process and be sure no stones go unturned during any phase from discovery to implementation.

    Use the right tool for you

    Trying to do market research without the right tools is a little like trying to build an airplane with only your hands. Yes, it’s possible–but you’ll be so much more effective and get things done twice as fast if you have some of the best tools available at your disposal.

    Wrapping Up

    If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important that you keep your finger on the pulse of new market research tools.

    We know how hard it can be with all these competing companies and products vying for attention.

    That’s why we created this blog post!

    In this guide, we explored some of the top marketing research tools in 2024 so that your company is always one step ahead.

    Remember when trying to find a good market research tool – It may seem like there are too many choices out there but don’t worry because our team at Toolsrush has done all the work for you–we’ve found what’s right for us and so will you! Check out our list at the top of the page and pick which one works best for you.

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