A curated list of the top 15 market analysis tools to conduct a proper market analysis. This collection of market analysis tools will help you do a market analysis for a business plan, for your website or agency, and for your next marketing campaign.

In business, it tough to make decisions. When comes the time to take one, it’s always hard to base your decisions on fact rather than assumptions. This is why most of the business owners and marketing agencies turn into market analysis in order to evaluate the business current situation and a projection of the future.

Here are my favorite Market Research & SEO tools:

Great Value For Money

Mangools is one of my go-to tools to easily identify keyword opportunities to target. With the additional benefit of having all the metrics in one place to easily filter the best ones, it really facilitates the market research process. It’s also very easy and intuitive to use so I don’t have any issues with getting started quickly. And if you are on a budget, they offer an affordable monthly plan that will fit your needs.

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Most Popular

Semrush is the best SEO tool on the market. It’s packed with features that make it easy to find data and insights about your site, competitors, and industry. You can use it to monitor your backlinks, track rankings across multiple keywords, see who’s linking to you (and who isn’t), spy on competitor sites…the list goes on.

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More of my favorite Marketing Tools:

Best Value

Jarvis is a tool that allows you to generate any content 10x times faster! I was able to create a blog post in a matter of 15 minutes or less. Their AI assistant can write the content for you or even suggest topics in the niche you're in and research the market for new insights, data and content. They have a 5 day trial for free

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Very Popular

TubeBuddy makes your YouTube marketing easy. It's a browser extension that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. With just a few quick clicks, it helped me grow my channel from 0 subscribers to 1000s of subscribers using keyword research, advanced analytics and much more.

Visit Website at Semrush.com

When doing a proper market analysis it’s important to incorporate but quantitative and qualitative data for having the clearest assessment of the business.

In a good market analysis, you’d find your competitive landscape, your growth potential and much much more.

In this article, we’ve put together a collection of the top 15 tools for effective marketing analysis that you can start using today. With these tools – all the data in the world is at your hands. So let’s take a deep dive and explore this beauty!

Google Analytics

marketing analysis tools

Google Analytics is a data analysis software that works on the basis of cookies and a set of parameters that are collected from users’ devices. It helps online website owners answer these questions:

  1. How users interact with your website
  2. Who is visiting your website?
  3. Customers` data metrics like their order values etc.
  • Versatile for different devices and operating systems.
  • They have their own teaching library where you can learn to use this software.
  • Can easily work with google ads
  • You can track your performance and set your own goals
  • You can create performance reports.
  • You can collect data from different platforms


  • To use it, you need to learn the language which is quite difficult.
  • The user interface is not as good as it seems to be.
  • The free version does not work for everyone, so you have to buy the premium version.

Price: As mentioned above, there is a free version that may work for almost all tasks, their premiums service is only by request. 


mixpanel marketing analysis tools

This software is used to store and display the user engagement and event data of a website which help in the statistical analysis of the effectiveness of the software. It is used by SaaS users metrics. The reports can be easily seen, and you can set your targets and send messages at the same software.

Price: There is a free version that is not so good, and the paid version starts at $89 per month. It can be more as you get more custom services.


crazyegg marketing analysis tools

This software provides you with specific, measurable data that gives you a real-time analysis of the users who visit your website and their actions. It can help you to manage your data according to your visitors.

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Easy to analyze data reports.
  • Customer support is great.
  • It tells you statistical data on the basis of each click with its button and location.
  • Sometimes the records miss some data from visitors.
  • Sometimes the reports seem to be a bit confusing.
  • Some features are missing.

Price: The starting price is $108 per year. The free trial is for 30 days after that $9 per month will be charged.

Google Search Console

top marketing analysis

This Software assists you in making better decisions for your website. which will be made regarding the traffic data analysis of your site. This will tell you which data content is better to keep on your site according to customer interactions.
  • Easy to identify bad links
  • The search analytics function works great for ease of use.
  • The newer console works with fetch as google tool.
  • Time-saving
  • It is not very reliable every time.
  • The page grader is not very well made.

Price: free.


similarweb marketing analysis tools

This helps to analyze and segment the audience of their digital interactions on blogs. It helps bloggers to understand which type of content is more attractive for customers or visitors. It also helps to improve by saving time and providing the most appropriate specialized content.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • More precise data
  • A very powerful tool for the industry
  • The data is not categorized regarding the time.
  • Some information is missed
  • Location-based traffic requires more payment to be made.

Price: The basic features are free for all users but if you want custom features then the pricing will be selected on the run-time.


IT is social media analytics and curation tool. It is beneficial for content producers and it works by searching the web for the content which is based on the search queries. Things like likes and shares for people are recorded and then the data is analyzed for the specific content. It works for all kinds of businesses.

  • It gives information about the live trends of the market.
  • Location-based data is also provided.
  • Tools are very powerful
  • Top scoring Facebook content is provided with only one keyword
  • Best for content marketing
  • It is a little bit difficult for the beginners
  • User-interface is somewhat puzzling
  • For some small businesses, the price can be expensive

Price: The pricing policies are that you can pay annually for $79 per month or the monthly payment will cost $99 per month. This is the price for the basic package and the most expensive package costs $499 per month.


This is developed for the SEO/SEM professionals. It will research data from over 106 million keywords with 71 million domains which will include the date about how the online advertisements are working. This will tell you the trends and the competition of the market.
  • The data is very useful
  • Keyword tool works great
  • Easier user-interface
  • Many options will guide you to improve your web presence.
  • Keyword matrix is a bit week than competitors
  • Some small features are missing
  • Sometimes the software gets stuck in keywords research.

Price: Their services start from $99.95 a month and the most expensive services are for $399.95/month or $3999.40/year. If you want to spend some more dollars, then they also have an enterprise service that is provided on request.


This software is used to create multi-page reports for sharing the statistical data from different platforms specifically google analytic to give the report to others without having the need to get others to login to your account to see the reports.

Price: Basically, there are 5 options available form which the cheapest one is $9.99/month and the most expensive one is $249.99/month other packages lie between this range.


It is a software which is used to monitor and analyze data from all across your online platforms from one single location in real-time.

  • Awesome automatic reporting
  • Easy to start, customize and use. 
  • Good customer service
  • Powerful and useful tool
  • The database of the app sometimes fails.
  • Lesser updates.
  • Sometimes the software hangs.

Price: Three pricing plans are offered: the cheapest one is free but with limited functionality and the premium one costs $29/month, there is a more expensive option for $20/client/month.

Moz Pro

This is the site that will tell you about the SEO and social marketing trends. Its services include weekly checking of your website to check which things should be updated. There are services like on-page optimization, competitive analysis, continual improvement with the help of social media analysis.

  • Good user-interface
  • High-quality helpful content
  • Easily understandable content
  • Affordable
  • Sometimes the data is missed form certain locations
  • Navigation between pages is confusing
  • Some reports are not available even after a week.

Price: There are many options for monthly and annual payments. The cheapest one is $99/month or $79/month annually and the most expensive option is $999/month or $799/month annually. There are also enterprise options available which will be decided by request.


This is the platform where marketing is optimized. It analyzes user interactions and provides insights that will help to understand the website visitors.

  • Quick reports
  • Comparison available
  • Customizability
  • Better accuracy
  • Fewer options on the dashboard
  • Takes a long time to analyze complex websites
  • Most things are automated

Price:  Their prices start from $250/month which can go all the way up to $850/month for a power package. There is an enterprise package that can be availed on contacting them.


This platform also works on your website traffic analysis and it reports the interactions on all the users on your website, in order to inform you about the updates and upgrades which should be made in order to get more traffic.

  • Versatility available in functions
  • Great tool
  • Easy to study and understand users` interactions.
  • There are not many cons of this service rather than some visitors can be afraid of being spied on so they leave.

Price: There are two basic packages, one for $29/month and another for $89/month for the organizations with higher traffic.


This platform assists businesses of all scales to discover the metrics that matter the most to their businesses. There is a real-time dashboard provided to the users and there are also executive reports. The data is presented in visual forms.

  • The support team is very active and helping
  • Almost every function works with plug and plays which means that no coding is required.
  • The dashboard is also customizable with templates.
  • No database to store data
  • Difficult user-interface for some users
  • More time consuming with larger files.

Price:  The basic plan starts for $29/month and the publish package costs $49/month whereas, there is a growth package for $99/month which can have many add-ons added as required.

In Conclusion

We’ve collected these top 15 marketing analysis tools which are available for you to do some further review. The pros and cons of each of them are given so that you can choose the one that suits your work and budget in the best manner.

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