WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for content writers, journalists and bloggers to share their knowledge, insight, and other various forms of content. One of the reasons that WordPress has gained so much popularity over the years is because of its native ability to install and use third-party plugins.

Plugins vary from providing increased security, to improving the way content is delivered to users and ranking better on search engines by providing insight. We have compiled a list of the best WordPress SEO plugins that will help you rank better on search engines. Without further ado, let us begin:

Here are my favorite Market Research & SEO tools:

Great Value For Money

Mangools is one of my go-to tools to easily identify keyword opportunities to target. With the additional benefit of having all the metrics in one place to easily filter the best ones, it really facilitates the market research process. It’s also very easy and intuitive to use so I don’t have any issues with getting started quickly. And if you are on a budget, they offer an affordable monthly plan that will fit your needs.

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Most Popular

Semrush is the best SEO tool on the market. It’s packed with features that make it easy to find data and insights about your site, competitors, and industry. You can use it to monitor your backlinks, track rankings across multiple keywords, see who’s linking to you (and who isn’t), spy on competitor sites…the list goes on.

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More of my favorite Marketing Tools:

Best Value

Jarvis is a tool that allows you to generate any content 10x times faster! I was able to create a blog post in a matter of 15 minutes or less. Their AI assistant can write the content for you or even suggest topics in the niche you're in and research the market for new insights, data and content. They have a 5 day trial for free

Visit Website at Jarvis.ai
Very Popular

TubeBuddy makes your YouTube marketing easy. It's a browser extension that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. With just a few quick clicks, it helped me grow my channel from 0 subscribers to 1000s of subscribers using keyword research, advanced analytics and much more.

Visit Website at Semrush.com

Yoast SEO

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 1

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It provides increased readability for the readers, provides a relatively detailed insight on how the content will be delivered to the search engine crawlers, and allows editing of your webpage’s meta-data. Yoast SEO is the swiss army knife of SEO plugins: allowing setting keywords for your content, properly ranking your content on search engines, and so on.


Yoast SEO is available in two variants: Free and Premium. Although the free version of Yoast SEO provides just bare minimum functionality to be called a plugin, the Premium version is one of the best investments out there. Yoast SEO Premium costs $89 USD per website.

All in One SEO

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 2

One of the oldest plugins, yet constantly updated to this date is this decade-old All in One SEO plugin. As the name suggests, it is a plugin that is capable of doing various tasks. All in One SEO provides everything an SEO plugin should, while also including an API in the plugin itself that can be used to communicate and improve synthesis between plugins and themes of your WordPress website.

The one thing that makes All in One SEO stand out from the rest in this list is the fact that it provides native capabilities to readily improve your ranking for eCommerce platforms: WooCommerce.


All in One SEO is available in two packages: Free and Premium. There are three variants of the Premium plugin too, depending on the customer: Individual ($136 USD per year) for a single site license, Business ($236 USD per year) for ten websites, and Agency ($1118 USD per year) for a no-limit license.


Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 3

The entire process of improving SEO for various websites is nothing more than crunching numbers, and optimizing them for search engines to easily read and rank them. This is what RankMath intends to provide. RankMath offers consistent insight, access to Google Keyword ranking, Google search console, role management, and various other things.

RankMath also provides easy Meta editing, advanced image optimizations, and much more in an easy-to-use platform. One of the key features of RankMath is that it is extremely easy to deploy, and can automate itself onto your website.


RankMath is currently free and provides all its features out of the box. A Pro version is currently in testing, but at the time of writing this plugins guide, there is no paid version available.

SEO Framework

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 4

Another impressive plugin that currently has over a hundred thousand active installations is SEO Framework. SEO Framework is a modular plugin, where you can download both free and paid extensions to improve your article content and ranking on Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines. It is sleek and offers a clutter-free user interface so you can write content to your heart’s content without getting hammered by extra information.


SEO Frameworks is free to install on its own, but you can buy extensions from its extension manager plugin.


Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 5

SEOPress is one of the more affordable plugins on this list, but affordability does not necessarily convey a lack of features. It is a very feature-rich plugin, which offers analytics, both text and image SEO customization, importing/exporting of settings from websites, improving meta-data and so much more. SEOPress also offers native support for WooCommerce and is available in various languages.


SEOPress has two versions:  Free and PRO. The free version comes with most features that any WordPress administrator will need. The PRO version costs $39 USD per year and offers unlimited website licenses. The PRO version comes with premium features like handling meta-data and automated customizable schemas.

WP Rocket

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 6

WP Rocket boasts itself as one of the fastest WordPress plugins on the market, and its claim does not fall short of its capabilities. The plugin offers improved SEO by decreasing the time it takes for websites to load. It offers caching, Cloudflare compatibility, CDN, DNS Prefetching and so much more. We recommend that you use WP Rocket in conjunction with any other SEO plugin on this list, for maximum performance.


WP Rocket comes in three variants: Single, Plus, and Infinite. “Single” costs $49 USD and comes with 1 website license per year. “Plus” costs $99 USD and offers support for 3 websites for a single year. “Infinite” costs $249 USD and offers support for an unlimited number of websites per year.

Republish Old Posts

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 7

If you have ever run into the annoying issue of your old posts getting deleted, or struck off search engine’s results, you know how mind-breaking it can be to republish those old posts again. Republish old posts have been developed to allow websites to revive their old posts automatically, so they don’t have to deal with the gruesome process manually.


Republish Old Posts is free to use but has a Pro version which costs $9.95 USD per website. The Pro version includes additional interval options, and the ability to filter certain posts from getting republished.

Structured Content

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 8

Structured Content is a plugin that only intends to allow websites to put structured content for massively improved readability. Since SEO depends heavily on user readability, Structured Content is recommended to be used for almost any website, whether or not you need other plugins.


Structured Content is open-source and thus needs no fees to install or maintain.

WP SEO Structured Content Data Schema

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 9

WP SEO Structured Content Data Schema is a long name for just a plugin. Nonetheless, it is extremely powerful and allows users to insert structured content onto their websites. The stellar feature of this plugin is that it provides support for custom post type and provides a whole array of structured content with its Pro license.


The Pro license of this plugin costs $49.99 USD for a single license, $99 USD for a license with support for 5 websites, and $199 USD for installation on an unlimited number of websites. All three variants provide one year of support and updates.

Yoast Premium Plugins Review

Yoast not only provides its Yoast SEO plugin but also has a wide array of premium plugins that can get almost any job done. There is a total of 5 plugins, including Yoast SEO. These are catered to certain demands of the market and are certainly proficient in the limited markets that they are designed for.


Excluding Yoast SEO, all other Yoast premium plugins cost $69 USD per year for a single website license and updates.

Easy Table of Contents

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 10

If you have ever written guides or gruesome massive articles, you should know that it can become a drag to make the user keep track of what exactly is going on.

Many professionals suggest using a table of content to improve readability, and Easy Table of Contents provides just that. It is extremely easy to use and can be tweaked on a per-page basis. Easy Table of Contents is also compatible with MathRank by default.


Easy Table of Content is available for free.

Google Site Kit

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 11

Google Site Kit is Google’s take on improving SEO through WordPress. Google Site Kit is extremely easy-to-use and offers a clean interface so users can measure their site’s traffic and performance. It also adds native support for Google’s AdSense program so you can earn more money per traffic.


Google currently has no paywall for its product, and we definitely see it staying free in the foreseeable future.

WP Review

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 12

Review websites are some of the most popular destinations for search engines all around the globe. WP Review is a plugin that is aimed at improving performance, as well as ranking and readability of websites it is installed on. From our experience, it was extremely easy to set up WP Reviews, and there was little to no hassle ensuring that everything worked.


WP Review is a paid plugin, with two subscription options: Single Product ($97 USD for one year of updates and support for 3 websites) and Membership ($99 USD per year for access to all future plugins for a single website as long as the subscription continues).

Better Search Replace

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 13

Better Search Replace is a very useful plugin that allows easy exporting of databases between websites. Better Search Replace claims that it incorporates the features of all other similar plugins in the market, and most of the features are free.

The Pro version hides time-saving features behind a paywall and also support and updates for a year. Better Search Replace has not been updated for more than a year, and we had issues with some of the features. Nonetheless, it was a great plugin for its free price tag.


The Pro version of the free plugin has three variants: Personal ($59 USD per website for 1 year of support), Developer ($79 USD for unlimited websites for 1 year of support), and Ultimate ($99 USD for a lifetime of software updates).

Broken Link Checker

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 14

It is no mystery that links on websites break all the time. It happens every-so-often for us too. It is definitely not viable to manually check for all potential broken links, because big websites have thousands of articles on their websites. Broken Link Checker is a really handy, and up-to-date tool that actively monitors for any broken links on your website, and reports back if it finds any


Broken Link Checker is entirely open-sourced and thus has no features hidden behind a paywall. It is a must-have for any website that has a big article-base.


Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 15

ShortPixel is a freemium plugin that automatically optimizes all images and PDF content on your website in a fast manner.

Because images make up for most of the bandwidth consumption when visiting a website, optimizing the size of any image should lead to improved loading times and rank on SEOs. ShortPixel can be installed and forgotten-about and that is what makes it a really nice tool to use.


Although ShortPixel is free, you need to use ‘credits’ to optimize images on your website. ShortPixel gives out 100 credits for free per month, but you can buy credits for as low as $4.99 per 5,000 credits.

WP Google My Business Auto Publish

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 16

One of the most popular practices nowadays is adding your business to Google so other people can easily find you. It not only makes you more accessible to your potential customers but also increases credibility.

Google’s My Business is a great tool, albeit confusing to use. WP Google My Business Auto Publish aims to reduce the amount of effort it takes to publish your business and related content on Google.


The plugin is entirely open-sourced, and free to use.

Asset CleanUp

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 17

Asset CleanUp is a massive plugin that aims to eradicate clutter and other “fat” from your website’s CSS and JavaScript files by removing unnecessary code calls. This improves loading times and decreases the amount of stress that the server computer has to go through to fulfill each request by the user.

The free version of Asset CleanUp turned out to be an insanely useful tool for us and we recommend it to anyone who intends to use WP Rocket. Both tools can be used in conjunction.


Asset CleanUp is free to use, but the main Pro version comes with way more features. There are three variants: “Basic” – $39 USD for 1 website per year, “Plus” – $59 USD for 3 websites per year, and “Unlimited” – $129 USD for unlimited websites per year.

StudioPress Plugins

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 18

StudioPress has a list of plugins, just like Yoast Premium Plugins that offer different market-oriented tools for improving the lifestyle of a WordPress developer and user. We used a few of them, like the Simple Social Icons, Simple URLs, and Genesis Simple Hooks, and found that they all turned out to be working as intended.


These plugins seemed to be free, and we could not find features being locked behind a paywall.

Speed Optimization Plugins

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 19

As mentioned earlier, most of the SEO of your website can be improved by improving the optimizations on your website. Speech Optimization Plugins are a list of plugins that provide that. Most of these plugins work as intended – or at least the one that we tried.


Similar to StudioPress Plugins, we could not find any plugin that was hidden behind a paywall.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 20

A very underrated tool on WordPress is the Rel Nofollow Checkbox that provides only one functionality: nofollow. This allows you to hide certain links on your website from Google’s crawlers.


It is free to use, with absolutely no paywalls whatsoever.

Automatic Image Alt Attributes

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 21

Google’s latest SEO updates bring in Image Alt Attributes, which are basically text-versions of a certain image. Adding manual alt attributes may turn out to be a big hassle for most writers, and this tool intends to automate that process.


Automatic Image alt Attributes is free to install and use, but hasn’t been updated in quite some time so you might run into issues.


Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 22

Analytify’s Google Analytics dashboard plugin is a very underrated tool because it makes using Google Analytics extremely easy to use, without requiring manual labor.


Even though Analytify is open-source and most of its features are free, you can get premium editions for advanced features. The price varies from $39 USD to $199 USD per year for only the plugin, while you can also install paid addons for similar price tags.

Really Simple SSL

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 23

Really Simple SSL is a simple, but powerful tool that automatically configures your website to run over HTTPS, as long as you can get an SSL certificate.


Really Simple SSL has three variants: Personal ($29 USD for 1 domain), Professional ($59 for 5 domains) and Unlimited ($159 for ‘fair use’ number of domains).

Quick Page/Post Redirect

Top 25 WordPress SEO Plugins [2021] 24

Quick Page is a small plugin that allows you to automatically redirect the user from one link to another, without having to do the gruesome coding yourself. It is fast, and works as intended.


Quick Page seems to have been removed from WordPress’ website over security reasons. Even though its really powerful, we would like to see it come back after fixing its security issues.


These are the top 25 WordPress SEO plugins that you should definitely give a try since most of them are at least free to try.

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