In the world of search engines, search engine optimization has been the thing that will give you a lot of traffic. The algorithm of many search engines works according to the search engine optimization of the content present on the website.

Another very important thing is the ranking of the search engine. People who search for a specific thing mostly type a keyword and open one of the top results. And the top results are the sites or links that have used that specific keyword efficiently. A link or a site being on the top of a search result means that it has ranked in the top for that keyword.

Here are my favorite Market Research & SEO tools:

Great Value For Money

Mangools is one of my go-to tools to easily identify keyword opportunities to target. With the additional benefit of having all the metrics in one place to easily filter the best ones, it really facilitates the market research process. It’s also very easy and intuitive to use so I don’t have any issues with getting started quickly. And if you are on a budget, they offer an affordable monthly plan that will fit your needs.

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Most Popular

Semrush is the best SEO tool on the market. It’s packed with features that make it easy to find data and insights about your site, competitors, and industry. You can use it to monitor your backlinks, track rankings across multiple keywords, see who’s linking to you (and who isn’t), spy on competitor sites…the list goes on.

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More of my favorite Marketing Tools:

Best Value

Jarvis is a tool that allows you to generate any content 10x times faster! I was able to create a blog post in a matter of 15 minutes or less. Their AI assistant can write the content for you or even suggest topics in the niche you're in and research the market for new insights, data and content. They have a 5 day trial for free

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Very Popular

TubeBuddy makes your YouTube marketing easy. It's a browser extension that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website. With just a few quick clicks, it helped me grow my channel from 0 subscribers to 1000s of subscribers using keyword research, advanced analytics and much more.

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This also means that the site also has content that is rich in keywords related to that keyword. But how can you make your site’s content keyword-rich? There are some tools that will provide you the assistance you need to get. These tools will tell you all about the ranking of your side, the popular keywords, and many more.

Here we will discuss Ubersuggest and SEMrush, both of them are very popular for the services that they are providing. We will discuss all about the features, pros, cons, and pricing of both of them.


Ubersuggest vs SEMrush - Which Is Bettter? 1

Search engine optimization is very important in the field of website ranking over the internet. Ubersuggest is the tool that will help you in digital marketing of your content, products, or services. This is done by an efficient ranking of your site.

The tools provided by Ubersuggest are very efficient in the search engine optimization for your website. You can get different keywords related to your site that will help you in generating better ideas for your website.

The tool also helps you to learn about what your competitors are doing on their site and how they are getting their traffic. By using this information, you can make your content more keyword rich. This will help you in getting more traffic for your website.

Ubersuggest Features.

These are some features that are offered by Ubersuggest.

Overview of your site.

This part of the tool will tell you about the keyword that you are targeting on your search by your content. The results will most probably have the monthly report about that keyword that how often was that specific keyword providing internet traffic.

Keyword checks and ideas.

This is the distinct feature of this tool. This part tells you about the new keywords that you can use in your content. These keywords can be used to make your content more efficient. The keywords ideas will be taken from the trending searches that are taking place over the internet related to your content.

Ideas about your content.

This part of the tool is a bit different than the others. It tells you about the sharing of the content related to different keywords over different platforms. After viewing the results, you can get more content ideas related to your keywords.

Overview of your traffic.

This part of the tool will tell you about the traffic that is visiting your site. It will efficiently analyze all the keywords present on your site and provide results. These results will tell you which of the keywords present on your site are performing well and which need to be replaced.

Top pages right now.

This part of the tool will tell you about the pages related to your content that are getting the most traffic. The tool will intelligently analyze their content and the traffic`s searches and provide you with the efficient results.

Top keywords to get more traffic.

This part will work to tell you the most trending keywords to get more traffic. The tool analyzes the keywords used by the sites that are getting the most traffic. Then these keywords will be presented in front of you so that you can generate better content for your website.

Site audit option.

The site audit option will analyze the ranking of your site. This will analyze each thing that is present on your site. The site audit option is a great option because it will tell you how well your site is performing over the internet. The report can be used to edit your site to perform better.


This feature will tell you which backlinks are performing well to get good traffic and which of them need to be replaced.

Ubersuggest Pros and Cons.


  • You can use their services for free.
  • The information provided for competitive analysis is very useful.
  • Keyword identification is very easy.


  • The website is slow sometimes.
  • There are some features that are still not added.

Ubersuggest Pricing.

There are 3 basic packages offered by Ubersuggest right now. These packages have the option to pay annually or monthly. This depends on your budget and needs. The details about all of them are:

Individual package

This package will cost you $29 per month and the services included in it are 100 reports per day, you can work on 3 projects, 300 keywords tracked, and on every site audit, there will be 1000 pages crawled. This is the best package for individuals who want more traffic on their site. On yearly payment, you will get a 20% discount as well.

Business package

The business package is for the freelancers and the small businesses who want to get more traffic on their site. This tool includes the services like 300 reports per day, you can work on 7 projects. On every site audit, 5000 pages will be crawled, and you will get 1000 tracked keywords.

This package costs $49 per month. On yearly payment, you will get a 20% discount as well.

Enterprise package

The enterprise package is for the bigger companies and it is the costliest package that is offered by them. It costs $99 per month. You also get a 20% discount on yearly payment. The main services of this package are 900 reports per day, 15 projects, and 3000 keywords tracked.

On every site audit, you will get results from 10000 crawled pages.

These were the main packages offered by Ubersuggest. You can also have their services for free and they also offer a 7-day free trial for their paid packages.


Ubersuggest vs SEMrush - Which Is Bettter? 2

SEMrush is another tool that will provide you all the necessary services related to search engine optimization. By using these services, you can get your site ranked among the top-ranked sites in the internet search results. There are many tools that are provided by SEMrush.

All of these tools have their distinct features that will help you to get a better ranking for your site. The digital marketing methods of this tool are so advanced that when you use their services, you can search results in their databases which are backed with over 8 billion keywords from all around the world.

By using their services, you can get more traffic by different tools like backlink management tools, real-time SEO analysis, and many more.

SEMrush Features.

These are some different features offered by SEMrush.

Site auditing

Knowing that what you are doing incorrectly is the best way of improving yourself. Site auditing is the best way of doing this for your website. This feature tells you about the flaws that are present in the content present on your website. You can change that part of the content and insert better keywords to get better traffic.

Competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is another feature that is very important in the field of digital marketing. If some site is getting better traffic and has the same product and services, then you must know what they are doing better. Competitor analysis will tell you about the content and keywords used by your competitors that will help you in getting better traffic.

User-friendly dashboard.

A tool is only good when it is easy to use. A good feature offered by SEMrush is that the dashboard that contains all the functionalities of this tool is very easy to use. The user-friendly nature of the tool makes it very efficient and productive.

Content management.

The content management feature of this tool will help you in effectively managing the content of your website. This will help you to get better traffic for you by improving the digital customer experience of your website. The tool will assist you in editing and creating content in a better way.

Keyword research tools

This is the most basic feature of this tool. This will tell you about the different keywords that are getting better traffic over the internet. The keywords will be searched regarding the content that you have on your website. Following the results provided will get you better traffic for your website.

Keyword tracking

This is another amazing feature. This will track the keywords that are used all over the internet. Form internet searches to the keywords used over the internet. All of them will be analyzed and you will get the best keywords that can possibly get you the best online traffic.

Mobile keywords

Mobiles are a big source of internet browsing and people are usually using them to do all the web surfing on the go. The mobile keywords feature will tell you about all the keywords that are being searched on mobile devices. This will help you to optimize your website’s content in a better way regarding the devices.

Trend analysis

This feature will tell you about the trending content topics and keywords over the internet. The results will tell you what changes are needed to be made on your website. The changes will get you better traffic and ranking for your website.

Rank tracking

Rank tracking is another amazing feature. This will tell you about the search engine ranking of your site according to your content and keywords. You can also see the improvements that you can make to get better ranking for your site.

SEMrush Pros and Cons.


  • The information provided is very helpful and easy to understand.
  • Easy to use and advanced software.
  • Many additional tools are included in their services.


  • Sometimes the location-based results are not good.
  • Sometimes the errors reported are not very easy to understand.
  • Some features are lacking in their services.

SEMrush Pricing.

The pricing policies of SEMrush are very customer friendly as they offer you a free trial version for all of their services. There are also some discounts on their services. All of these are discussed in detail below:

Pro package

The first and cheapest package that they offer is the pro package. It is the best package for service providers and small level marketers with a limited budget. Here they provide more than 40 of their advanced tools where you can monitor your competitor’s traffic sources, social media results and ranks are also provided.

The cost for this package is $99.95 a month and upon yearly payment, you will get a 16% discount.

Guru package

This is the second package that is offered, and the services included in this package include all the services that are already included in the previous package. Additionally, you will get branded reports, extended limits, historical data, and content marketing platforms.

This package is best for the growing marketing agencies that have a higher budget. The cost for this package is $199.95 a month and upon yearly payment, you will get a 16% discount.

Business package

This is the most expensive package that you can get right now. This is for the companies and websites that have expensive web presence. Here you will get every service that is included in the previous packages.

Additionally, you will get white-label reports, sharing options, API access, Google data studio integration option, and extended limits. The cost for this package is $399.95 per month and upon yearly payment, you will get a 16% discount. A free trial is not available for this package.

Enterprise package

If your needs are not fulfilled with their present packages, you can get a more expensive one by contacting them.


This was the comparison between the two amazing digital marketing tools. Ubersuggest and SEMrush, both have some of their distinct features and their own pricing policies. You can use this comparison as a buying guide to make your purchase decision for buying one of these tools according to your needs.

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